I Hate to Brag, But…: Wüsthof 7″ Santoku Knife

I hate to brag, but…I got a new toy this weekend. One that I’ve dreamt of for quite awhile now, even going as far as to put it on my list for Santa. Thanks to by absolutely perfect and dreamy-in-every-way boyfriend, I am the proud owner of a 7” Wüsthof Santoku knife…and it is as perfect and dreamy as the person who gave it to me.

Let me start by saying this is my first top of the line knife, let alone my first Wüsthof. The knives I have been working with aren’t poor quality, they’re just hand-me-downs that had been used frequently before I got my hands on them. Though I do own a steel, I am well aware that this is really no substitute for having your knife sharpened, which I never really got around to doing (oops!). Still, my old cook’s knife worked just fine. Until my Wüstfhof stepped in.

Like I said, my original, hand-me-down, cook’s knife worked fine; it did its job, and with a few classes of knife skills I could mince, dice, chop, and julienne comfortably and with confidence. However, working with the Wüsthof Santoku knife has made recipe preparation a truly smooth experience. First, the knife is super sharp so there’s really no need to use much pressure – it seems to glide right through anything the blade touches. Second, the hollow pattern along the sides really does work – food doesn’t stick, which makes the whole process of mincing less time consuming and, overall, tidier. Third and simply put, the Wüsthof Santoku knife just feels good. It’s the perfect size, and not too heavy, so I can’t help but feel it was just made for me.

There’s no doubt in my mind you’d feel the same, too.

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