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Roasted Tomato Bloody Mary Mix

As someone lacking a green thumb, I am in awe of those with a natural passion for gardening. In our own neighborhood alone, it’s impossible to walk a block without spotting a beautiful window flower-box or an array of strategically placed potted plants. Our friends, TJ and Jenny, have a lush, backyard garden, and they put a lot of care into keeping it healthy and abundant. Not only is it an attractive feature of their home, it’s as functional as it is eye-catching.

Tomatoes from TJ and Jenny's garden.

Tomatoes from TJ and Jenny’s garden.

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Bourbon Peach Pie

With the excitement of a giddy child, there are a number of holidays I look forward to each year. Christmas Eve is at the top, thanks to a spread of delicious, “winter weight” provoking foods and bevy of loved ones that come with an appetite. Thanksgiving is a favorite for similar reasons, but also because of the family traditions of a Wednesday night pre-game the previous evening and a morning football game before the big turkey dinner. And, finally, there’s the summer Saturday party I await every year: “Beer, Bourbon and Barbecue.”

Always my bourbon of choice.

Always my bourbon of choice.

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Beer Baked Beans

My slow cooker is one of the only pieces of kitchen equipment I tend to use seasonally. It’s used frequently in the fall and winter, usually for hot and heavy items like stews, and winds up taking a breather in storage from about May until September. Every time I use it, though, I amazed by its reliability and practicality. Read More…

Apple Hand Pies

Whether you and your family stay in the city to see your neighborhood parade and head to the Parkway for Welcome America, or you vacation at the shore to catch some beach time and watch the fireworks, the proud, positive energy of Independence Day is infectious. Everyone is doused in red, white and blue, and the American flag lines streets all over the country. It’s natural to reflect on the true meaning of the Fourth of July and something as natural as sharing time with our family reminds us to be thankful for our freedoms. Whatever your traditions on this patriotic holiday, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’re attending a barbecue at a family member or friend’s house and will be eating some pretty delicious food.

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