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What’s on Deck: POE (Pumpkin Over Everything)

The star of tomorrow’s post and submission to The Spirit is none other than the season’s “it” ingredient, pumpkin. I promise, it’s done in a manner unrelated to sweets, beverages, or candles. Stay tuned!

For now, check out John Oliver’s rant on the pumpkin hype from Last Week Tonight.

Celebratory Breakfast

Today is my final day of maternity leave and, luckily, my husband is off for Columbus Day. To celebrate surviving the past 12 weeks, eat my feelings, and take advantage of having the day to spend together, we took a walk to Coffee House Too on York Street for coffee and breakfast.

Coffee House Too is located at 2514 East York Street in Fishtown. Photo from coffeehouseco.com.

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Friday Night Playlist

My windows have been open all day so I can savor every bit of fresh, fall air before I head back to my windowless office on Tuesday, when my maternity leave comes to a close, thus ending the best 12 weeks of my life. I’m working on a recipe that is a perfect match to the crispiness of the season, and my husband is creating the soundtrack to our Friday evening, which will, of course, be laced with the cries of a cranky baby.

Slow Cooker Chicken Carnitas

I love showing off the many benefits and highlights of living in Fishtown, and the extensive list of restaurants within walking distance is always the first thing I boast. When my husband and I take friends out, Loco Pez never fails to impress; their kitchen is speedy, and the food is phenomenal and reasonably priced. With a group of people, though, we face a predicament: do we order our usual number of tacos and risk looking like gluttons?

Joe and I easily eat eight tacos each and leave feeling satisfied, not stuffed. It’s hard to hold back from ordering more, so we’ve learned our lesson and share chips and guacamole, too. In a group setting, we first attempt to read our dinner-mates to see how comfortable we can be – Do we order our usual? Should we play it safe and order four tacos each? What if we’re still hungry? In the end, our appetites usually conquer our doubt and we convince our dinner companions to not be shy and follow suit.

This slow cooker recipe produces a slightly spicy shredded chicken reminiscent of the amazing pollo taco at Loco Pez. A homemade version of one of my favorites, I could stuff my face without thinking twice. Read More…