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Mango Crab Salad

The sweet, refreshing taste of shellfish is almost synonymous with summers at the shore. Most varieties take less time to prepare than red meat or chicken and, usually, you don’t need too many ingredients to highlight the natural flavors. The only drawback is the effort one must occasionally suffer before it can be eaten.

Deconstructed salad, pre-crab.

Deconstructed salad, pre-crab.

I’ll forever admire from afar the crab boil concept. It’s incredibly appealing – the image of sitting at a newspaper lined picnic table with a plastic bib, drinking beers and cracking through the bright red, Old Bay doused crustaceans. It’s just far too much work to endure when one is hungry, and I’d rather not be left with gashes on my fingers. I’m more of a pre-cooked, shelled and de-veined shrimp or lump crab meat in a can kind of gal.  Read More…

Grilled Corn and Black Bean Salsa

My parents live in a neighborhood adjacent to a development with several windy, hilly roads and not too much traffic, perfect for a run when the weather is decent enough. I’m not one for combining physical exercise and the beaming heat of the sun, so my brother and I take advantage of this area for outdoor training in the evening and occasionally in the morning, as it tends to be a little cooler. It may be more of a workout for me, as he tends to put his cross country skills on their low setting when I ask to run with him. Still, my brother and I each get a lot out of not only spending time together but working at our shared interest of running.

The lengths of our runs vary; although I always ask how long he is interested in venturing out, my energy level tends to dictate our mileage. My brother, on the other hand, seems like he could run forever, quickly, and happily. Even though I always give myself something to train for, like a 5K, the Broad Street Run or the upcoming half marathon (yes, I’m crazy and no, I’m not ready) the biggest reward for me is the time I get to spend with my little brother. We always have an interesting conversation, or at least I listen and gasp for air while he tells me about all of the fun, exciting things he is experiencing in high school. It’s not always a deep, philosophical conversation but at our finish line I’m always left confident the kid has a good head on his shoulders.

Here and there our runs are interrupted by my heavy, burning calves in need of a good stretch. More often, though, we pass a few houses with the sweet scents of a hot grill wafting in our direction from their back yard. Whatever my brother and I happened to be talking about is forgotten, and our run concentration is broken. We then find ourselves discussing steak, burgers and anything else you can throw on the grill grates as we both imagine our dad working hard on our grill, preparing a summer feast for us to replenish our overworked leg muscles upon our return.

Summer scents always bring to mind a handful of my favorite memories, like these evening runs with my little brother. In a few weeks, though, those scents will be shelved until next year. Though my palette is raring to go for a warm pot roast, fall beers and Sunday football, every other nerve in my body is holding on for dear life to the summer of 2011. To help ease the transition, I cranked up the grill, grabbed some soon-to-be out of season ears of corn, and practically bathed in the delicious smells that traveled off of the gas-powered outdoor cooker. Read More…

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