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Chocolate-Pretzel Crispy Rice Squares

Salty and sweet gets me every time. When I discuss this flavor combination with people, some seem disgusted. True, chocolate covered potato chips are adventurous; however, the clever combination of two popular snack foods is more delicious than you may think. What people don’t realize is the salty/sweet pairing pops up in everyday foods that almost everyone can agree on. The reputation of summer treats like caramel corn and even savory barbecue food relies on these two flavors. Non-seasonal favorites like peanut butter cups and chocolate covered pretzels are poster products for the genre.

Years ago, a co-worker shared with me a classic dessert with a delightfully surprising sweet and savory twist; it was truly a case of love at first taste. His crispy rice squares had been created with the perfect proportion of pretzel and chocolate pieces to produce a decadent version of a childhood favorite. Without asking for the recipe, I bought the ingredients at the grocery store that weekend and spent a day testing several versions of the marshmallow-ey mixture until the end result was just right. Read More…

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