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Bacon Jam

We encounter a variety of fads every day, from the clothes we wear to work, the music we hear on our headphones, or the diet we stick to (Monday to Friday, of course). Like most trends, all of them have no strict permanence, but may be something we turn back to every now and then. This is my logic for holding onto so many things in my now overflowing closet.

Food fad categories are just like fashion. For instance, cupcakes (for some people) are considered “hot” but for others they are just like polyester and platforms: another trendy item that won’t be stylish for long. That group now identifies Macarons or Whoopee Pies as the dessert all the cool people will be eating. My opinion will always be rooted in my senses; how can something be a temporary fad if it tastes good all the time?

The most mind-boggling food fad is, by far, bacon. When was it an epiphany to a group of trendsetters that bacon was one of the most unbelievable meats available? Not only does it get an A+ for breakfast, but joined with lettuce and tomato you have a great lunch sandwich. For dinner, wrap it around asparagus or a pork loin and you’ve just created a fancy dish that will now taste one-hundred times better just because bacon is now in the picture. Analysts, chefs and culinary artists may tell you bacon is “so over”, but use your better judgment and your tastebuds on this one. To pay homage to my favorite pork product I spent a few hours cooking it down with other ingredients to make Bacon Jam. Believe me, I was as skeptical as you are but keep reading; I promise you, this is another recipe that highlights the staying power of bacon. Read More…

Caramelized Onions

When I walk into a house and smell food cooking, I instantly feel welcome. When I walk into a house and smell onions cooking, I pretty much want to move in. In spite of looking like I just watched The Notebook every time I work with them, they will always have a place in my kitchen. The bulbed plant is the perfect complement to any dish, and it’s safe to say you could find it on the list of ingredients for most savory recipes. Depending on the cooking style and time, the onion can range from a sharp, tangy flavor to buttery and sweet.

Caramelization of an onion is the process of browning natural sugars over heat, and it gives a new personality to something that, when raw, is pungent and obvious. In their caramelized state, onions are soft, mellow, and they pretty much melt in your mouth. They add depth as an accompaniment to an extravagant dish, are perfect piled on a hamburger, and are difficult to avoid eating on their own. The process is extremely basic, and aside from onions and olive oil, it simply requires patience, a watchful eye, and about an hour. Read More…

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