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I know a good handful of people who’ve traveled to France in the past few months; in my French class alone three people, including my teacher, have visited Paris and other amazing cities in the country. Unfortunately my own plans to travel there have yet to come to fruition but all of the unbelievable stories I have recently heard have me itching to get there more than ever. Though I’ve been lucky enough to hear several accounts of trips to the country, all different but equally dreamy, I’m beginning to have the “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” complex regarding French travel.

A few weeks ago, upon his return from his trip, my French teacher brought a stack of material out of a giant briefcase and reviewed with me maps, guidebooks, and brochures of the amazing places he visited in just over a week in France. Using a guide to the restaurants of Paris, he showed me the places he ate and described for me in detail his meals, which sounded très délicieux. The visions of fresh fish in butter and herbs; sweet, pillowy macarons; and carafes of red wine have had me craving the tastes of France ever since. Even more so, I’ve been itching to expand my repertoire of French recipes.

Bistrot La Minette, a French restaurant located on 6th Street between South and Bainbridge, does an excellent job of bringing authentic French flavors to Philadelphia and the ambience adds to the experience – they have a beautiful, romantic outdoor garden with seating underneath white string lights that makes you forget you’re only several blocks away from the kitschy South Street shops. Of all the unbelievable things I’ve tried there my favorite is their Flammenküche, a rustic French pizza with crème fraîche, onions and lardons (thinly sliced, small strips of bacon). This grilled version of the dish, with homemade crème fraîche, is a great way to incorporate outdoor cooking with French flair. Read More…

Food Processor Puff Pastry

The Petite Palmiers are super easy to make using store-bought puff pastry, but if you’re feeling ambitious and have an entire day to spare you can make the dough yourself.

There are several things you must be aware of, though. First, this recipe calls for over an entire pack of butter. Not only is this good to know for the sake of preparation, it’s also a little heads up to those counting calories or cholesterol.

Second, and I’ve already hinted toward this, reserve an entire day. Making puff pastry involves a lot of rest time for the dough to become cold in the refrigerator in between repeated processes of rolling and folding the dough. I must emphasize the importance of the dough’s temperature as well; when the recipe instructs you to let it sit in the fridge for a specific amount of time, don’t expect to cut corners. If the butter in the dough softens, you won’t wind up with a light, airy, flakiness.

Finally, when you wake up the next day and feel as if you’re coming down with either a wicked flu or meningitis, don’t call the doctor. You’re sore because you used a crazy amount of muscle rolling out you’re beautiful, buttery puff pastry. I guarantee, though, whatever you make with it, be it savory or sweet, will be so delicious you can ask for back rubs from those lucky enough to snack on your puff pastry. Read More…

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