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Breakfast Risotto

When I was growing up, breakfast for dinner was always reliable when my mom was overdue for a trip to the grocery store. I knew it meant that we probably didn’t have another meal option, but I never minded. Bacon and eggs, pancakes, or French toast at any P.M. hour felt like breaking the rules, and I always considered it a special occasion.  Read More…

Breakfast Burgers

I may not be a James Beard Foundation award-winning chef, but I’m pretty confident I have conquered a good number of moderately challenging recipes. My risotto is on point, I can butterfly and truss pork tenderloin, and my holiday turkey recipe is out of this world. What’s exciting, though, is that there are many, many things I have yet to master.

Growing up, I was always willing to help in the kitchen but the one area I knew better than to mess with was burgers. It’s pretty common to come across a man of the house who considers himself “burger king”, is quick with a spatula, and can be found at the grill more than the stove. My dad is no different; he knows his grill as if it was his trade and his outdoor cooking area seems like a culinary sanctuary. Located on my parents’ deck, it’s nestled in a special corner with a few chairs overlooking their nicely landscaped garden. Surrounded by tiki torches to ward off any pesky insect intruders, my dad’s shiny, stainless steel grill is conveniently away from the back door and kitchen windows, making his cooking area more of a peaceful place than our busy family kitchen.

The serenity of my dad’s cooking space may have something to do with how great his grilled food is. Steaks and chicken are always delicious but his burgers are the best. Perfectly cooked, the meat is juicy and seasoned just enough. There’s nothing fancy about them, but that’s part of their appeal; they don’t need special sauces or secret spices to grant him the well-deserved “burger king” title in our household. I’m in no position to attempt to steal the crown, but I felt it was time to add burgers to my list of accomplishments. This recipe for breakfast burgers may be no match for my dad’s, but I can bet he would be proud. Read More…

Farmer’s Casserole

Growing up, it seemed that having French toast or scrambled eggs for dinner meant there were little groceries in the house and mom was just trying to use up what we had. The beauty about breakfast foods, though, is that they taste amazing any time of the day. Every now and then, a great big breakfast is even more satisfying for dinner than at eight in the morning.

Years ago, I made the following recipe for a family brunch, and since then it has become such a hit that I have memorized the steps and forgotten where it came from. Aside from the general label as a “breakfast” item, the other appealing characteristic is its casserole form. Combining ingredients and preparing them in one dish is not only an easy way to appreciate how delicious certain food can be when cooked together, it is convenient, as casseroles are usually served in the dish they are made in. This breakfast casserole not only makes enough to serve several people for a weekend brunch, but will also leave enough for leftovers at dinner. Read More…

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