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Mashed Cauliflower

Early last week, I made one of my favorite pasta dishes and proceeded to eat three bowls of it. Atkins diet supporters would have cringed at the sight of me overdosing on heaping servings of warm, saucy noodles. Though I rarely feel guilty about eating too much of anything that tastes amazing, my stomach compensated for my lack of remorse and felt as if it were expanding like a balloon on a helium tank. The effects of my carbo-binging carried over into the next day when I could barely get out of bed, and wished to hide under the covers at the thought of trying to button my work pants.

Two days later, I was back to normal and felt I could reward myself with a healthy, yet hearty, home cooked meal of good, old-fashioned steak and potatoes. The guilt that failed to set in after my weeknight Italian feast a few nights prior reared its ugly head and scolded me for even thinking a starchy side would be smart. Not willing to sacrifice the flavor I was hoping for, I decided to get creative and trick my tastebuds into thinking I was indulging yet again.  Read More…

I’m Not Worthy: Dear Santa…

The holidays truly are the most wonderful time of the year: the food, the music, the decorations, the overall spirit of kindness that seems to fill everyone’s hearts…everything about this season makes me happy, and I look forward to it all year long. We are into the single-digit number countdown until Christmas, and I am this close to finishing my shopping. It is true that giving is much better than receiving, and I like to think I’m pretty good at picking the right gifts for the right people. Let’s face it though, it’s almost impossible to peruse a store with someone else in mind and not see something perfect for you. There have been several occasions in the past few weeks where I have had to practice some major self control and not purchase an item or two for myself.

I would like to add that I am 99% sure I made the “Nice List” this year, and if Santa asked what I wanted, I’d casually mention the items below…

Wüsthof Classic Hollow Ground 7” Santoku Knife

Ever since I learned the proper way to use a knife in the kitchen, I have enjoyed the preparation part of any recipe. Number one: Safety first – using a Chef’s knife properly means less accidents in the kitchen. Number two: Using your knives the correct way only means you’ll be chopping, dicing, mincing and julienne-ing efficiently. I’ve developed a great relationship with my Chef’s knife, and it certainly does its job well, however I can’t help but admire sleeker knives. Wüsthof has a very long (like, two centuries worth) history of top-quality knives and the company is extremely popular in the culinary field. Their products tend to be expensive, however a Wüsthof knife may even last you two centuries. A great feature on this knife is the hollowed pattern along the blade, which will help food fall to the cutting board instead of sticking to the knife.

John Boos Reversible Maple Cutting Board, 24” x 18” x 1 ½”

So Santa…if I’m going to be asking for a fancy new knife, you may as well throw in a new cutting board.

Granted, I have several cutting boards in all shapes, materials and sizes, but I would love to add this one to my collection. Most of my boards are just big enough, however I find I need more work space when I am making a larger recipe or have an all-day cooking fest in the kitchen.

Though I think I can wait until Christmas for this one, it would come in handy when using cookie cutters; I would hate to scratch the kitchen counter tops when making Christmas cookies, and 24” x 18” is a decent amount of space to work with rolled out dough.

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 7 ¼ Quart Round French Oven

It breaks my heart when I am reading a recipe that I can’t wait to try, and see that it calls for a Dutch Oven (Dutch, French…there really is no difference). Do you know how long I’ve wanted to make Short Ribs, or Coq au Vin? Sure, there’s probably a way to modify the recipe but it just wouldn’t be the same.

Le Creuset is the best of the best when it comes to cast-iron cookware, and they offer a variety of products from saucepans, to roasters, to skillets. They also come in almost every color of the rainbow.

Make mine Kiwi, please!

KitchenAid KFPM770 Food Processor, 12-cup capacity

I don’t care what anyone says: you simply cannot make great pesto in a blender.

Okay, so maybe you can, but it’s not easy. Using a blender as a substitute for a food processor can be messier and more complicated than it needs to be; I always find that I have to stop every now and then to scrape down the sides of the pitcher, and get way down to the nooks and crannies below the blade where some ingredients happen to settle.

It’s time I got a food processor.

Many of the processors I have seen, especially in department stores, top out at 3-cups. The large capacity of this KitchenAid processor means I most likely would never, ever have to work in batches.

Gifts That Bloom Organic Herbs

Using fresh herbs is the way to go, but I feel so guilty when I let what I haven’t used go to waste. I’m no green thumb, but I think I could manage to care for herb plants from Gifts That Bloom. The kit comes ready with seeds and growing mix, so basically you add water and wait.

There you have it, Santa. I look forward to unwrapping these lovely items under the tree on December 25th. I hope my inclusion of sizes and colors (where necessary) helps to avoid any confusion. Please let me know if you’ll be needing the product numbers and I can forward them to you.

Unless that 1% chance of me being on the “Naughty List” gets in the way.

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