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Green Tea – Lemon Granita

In conversation, I tend to ramble, get caught up in side notes to stories, and insist on explaining even the smallest detail for emphasis. The more excited I get, the more likely I am to include sound effects, impersonations and funny voices.   Eventually, my listener begs me to get to the point. While I abhor public speaking and hate the sound of my own voice, I have never been labeled “quiet”; in fact, my second grade teacher defined my demeanor on my relatively stellar report card when she added in the notes section, “Casey is a chatterbox.”

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Watermelon Granita

An abundance of summer fruits makes for a great alternative to what’s inside my snack cabinet. Instead of salt water taffy, caramel corn and ice cream, I’ve been reaching for strawberries, cherries or peaches. Fruits like this have been such a huge part of my summer diet that I’m now at the point where I’m dying to figure out a way to jazz them up. Believe me, I’m not bored with them, and I realize come December I’ll be going through summer-fruit-withdrawal; I’m simply trying to indulge my creative bug and get crafty in the kitchen.

If you peruse the internet and page through any cookbooks you have on hand, you’ll find creative ways to use your fruit: grilled or broiled, sautéed with butter and brown sugar, or reduced in a pan with alcohol and sugar. The possibilities are endless! Still, I was looking for a more seasonal approach and narrowed it down to frozen recipes using leftover watermelon. Though a search using key terms produced many margaritas and alcoholic beverages, I found a gem of a recipe on Food Network’s site

Granita is an Italian, icy dessert, made with an equation of a liquid plus sugar and possibly the addition of another flavoring. The freezing and “raking” processes, combined with the amount of sugar, give a granita the crystallized texture it is known for.  Read More…

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