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Sesame Chicken

Philadelphia’s Chinatown neighborhood is speckled with sights, sounds and scents appealing to both tourists and locals. Between the hidden, underground grocery store on 13th Street; Joseph “mayor of Chinatown” Poon’s informative walking tours, culinary skill, and friendly conversation; and the colorful, intricate architecture and artwork that adorns the window fronts of stores and the buildings themselves, this cultural area of our city is well worth exploring for a few hours. With Chinese New Year right around the corner, it’s an even more exciting time to visit.

Touring the streets on foot will create quite a hunger, but with restaurants that line the blocks it’s sometimes difficult to decide where to stop for a meal. Typically, I’m up for trying new things, but every now and then I “trust my gut” and go for what I know is good. The old stand-by, yet very Americanized Chinese dish of sesame chicken never fails, and most Chinatown restaurants offer some variation of it on their menu. Read More…

Party People: Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Bacon seems to be a pretty fashionable ingredient these days, making appearances in many dishes that are considered “outside the box” when compared to your standard breakfast sandwich. Food and Wine has a 20-recipe slideshow dedicated to the pork product that includes pasta dishes, salads, and even a snack mix. Restaurants and bakeries in the area add bacon to dessert items, giving the cured meat an opportunity to shine as a refined ingredient. The craze has led me to the conclusion that everything is better with bacon.

Joe’s uncle, Bill, hosts some pretty amazing parties, but his forte is the holiday gathering at the end of each year. Everything from the decorations to the food and drinks is perfect, and he makes party planning for a group of about 50 look easy. Though every item on the table tastes delicious, I have a crazy love affair with the mini hot dogs wrapped in bacon that always appear at this annual get-together. My infatuation can be embarrassing; the hors d’oeuvre is not meant to be made into a meal, but it’s next to impossible to refrain from standing next to the tray, poking away with toothpicks. I’ve begun making them for other parties, and it seems I’m not alone in my addiction; my godson, Ryan, loves the recipe so much that I no longer have to ponder what dish I’m making for his birthday parties. Read More…

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