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Mango Crab Salad

The sweet, refreshing taste of shellfish is almost synonymous with summers at the shore. Most varieties take less time to prepare than red meat or chicken and, usually, you don’t need too many ingredients to highlight the natural flavors. The only drawback is the effort one must occasionally suffer before it can be eaten.

Deconstructed salad, pre-crab.

Deconstructed salad, pre-crab.

I’ll forever admire from afar the crab boil concept. It’s incredibly appealing – the image of sitting at a newspaper lined picnic table with a plastic bib, drinking beers and cracking through the bright red, Old Bay doused crustaceans. It’s just far too much work to endure when one is hungry, and I’d rather not be left with gashes on my fingers. I’m more of a pre-cooked, shelled and de-veined shrimp or lump crab meat in a can kind of gal.  Read More…

Beet Salad with Hazelnuts and Gouda

August, a petite, Italian BYOB at 8th and Wharton in South Philly, is one of the city’s hidden gems. Though I have a handful of friends that frequent the restaurant and, when dining there, it’s apparent many other tables are filled with locals who eat there weekly, it doesn’t receive a deserving fanfare that establishments created by an Iron Chef or tri-state restaurateur would.  It hits the mark on characteristics many great and lasting restaurants have: the ambiance is romantic, it’s small without feeling exclusive, the chef and staff are friendly and warm, and the food is quite memorable.

Beets are too pretty to not like.

Beets are too pretty to not like.

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Tomato and Pineapple Salad with Garlic Chips

We all eat and drink with our eyes first – I drool as soon as I see the cover of Philadelphia Magazine’s “Top 50 Restaurants” issue every year. Elite chefs learn the art of skillfully plating dishes, ensuring the sensation that something is delicious before you even bite into it. Companies secure clientele with ads I sometimes wish were scratch-and-sniff, or by renting billboards on I-95 with the exact number of miles to the next location of their fast-food restaurant. And have you ever attempted to watch a cooking show on an empty stomach? I’d rather do 100 sit ups.

Beautiful salad.

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Crunchy Asian Slaw

Due to learning to plan ahead, “Can Can” sales at Shop Rite, and maybe a dash of impulse, the canned and dry-good section of my kitchen cabinets is stocked. I justify most of them as emergency items, but I can’t really foresee a crisis occurring that can only be saved with the power of canned sauerkraut or evaporated milk. Until I’m actually forced to utilize my “fallout shelter” of products, I enjoy finding alternate uses for them in recipes.

One of the items we constantly buy, and actually eat as opposed to allowing to pile up, are Ramen noodles. Not only are they irresistibly cheap, they are extremely useful. In their intended form (that is, boiled noodes with a powdered flavor packet), they are a quick, small meal. The fact that this version almost tips the sodium scale has led me to utilize only the noodles (without the flavor packet) in various Asian dishes, adding vegetables and a protein to get more miles out of the recipe. Never did I think, though, that they would work perfectly as a salad topping.

Several years ago, I was drawn to an Asian cabbage slaw recipe from the archive on the Kraft Food’s website. Everything about it seemed right up the alley for what I was looking to bring to one of my best friend’s wedding shower: a cool, light salad with fresh ingredients and a ton of flavor. The Ramen noodle topping, though, was what prompted me to commit – strange, but intriguing, I wondered if the slaw was going to be a hit or a bust.  Read More…

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