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Slow Cooker Chicken Carnitas

I love showing off the many benefits and highlights of living in Fishtown, and the extensive list of restaurants within walking distance is always the first thing I boast. When my husband and I take friends out, Loco Pez never fails to impress; their kitchen is speedy, and the food is phenomenal and reasonably priced. With a group of people, though, we face a predicament: do we order our usual number of tacos and risk looking like gluttons?

Joe and I easily eat eight tacos each and leave feeling satisfied, not stuffed. It’s hard to hold back from ordering more, so we’ve learned our lesson and share chips and guacamole, too. In a group setting, we first attempt to read our dinner-mates to see how comfortable we can be – Do we order our usual? Should we play it safe and order four tacos each? What if we’re still hungry? In the end, our appetites usually conquer our doubt and we convince our dinner companions to not be shy and follow suit.

This slow cooker recipe produces a slightly spicy shredded chicken reminiscent of the amazing pollo taco at Loco Pez. A homemade version of one of my favorites, I could stuff my face without thinking twice. Read More…

Chicken Curry

Tuesday is, by far, one of the busiest days of the week. It’s still the beginning of the week so, not only do I feel like the day runs in slow-motion, it’s filled with activity too. I wake up early to head to work, try to cross things off my ‘to-do’ list at my desk, and head to French class at the Alliance Française at the end of the day. I get picked up at 7:30 p.m. and head home, my stomach growling in anger that I’ve neglected it since lunchtime. Typically I get home to a fridge that’s been emptied from weekend activity, and often wish there was a machine that existed that could have somehow prepare dinner for me while I was gone all day. By the time I remember there is, it’s too late and I have to settle for take-out.

Slow cooker to the rescue.

Slow cooker to the rescue.

I’ve suffered too many Tuesday nights hungry or unsatisfied to forget any longer that the answer to my prayers is my trusty slow-cooker. It sits in a cabinet under my counter tops, so sometimes I forget it’s there to help me. Recently, though, it’s taken a more permanent role in my weekly meals and allows me to now let my busy Tuesdays get the best of me. This recipe takes very little preparation time and combines practical ingredients to make a diverse dish. Read More…

Beer Baked Beans

My slow cooker is one of the only pieces of kitchen equipment I tend to use seasonally. It’s used frequently in the fall and winter, usually for hot and heavy items like stews, and winds up taking a breather in storage from about May until September. Every time I use it, though, I amazed by its reliability and practicality. Read More…

Country Style Ribs

Since the McRib came back to McDonald’s, I’ve secretly been dying to try it. The “golden arches” and I have an interesting relationship that dates back to my childhood. My pop-pop took me on lunch dates – so he could get his free coffee, and I could get my Happy Meal – frequently when I was a child. So much that I had a barrel full of toy souvenirs from our lunches by the time I was 12 (I definitely had some duplicates, but my favorites were the Fraggle Rock collection). Though I was always a McNugget kind of a girl, I do remember the McRib making its debut at Micky D’s when I was younger. The saucy sandwich looked delicious, but, since it didn’t come with a toy, my attraction to it was never strong enough to actually order it.

When I heard the buzz about the McRib making a temporary comeback, I felt it was my chance to finally sink my teeth into it. The banners that adorn the restaurant location in University City are so enticing, and  they stress, in not totally fine print, the sandwich will not be around forever. On top of that, the commercials are intense: shots of people, McRib in hand, chowing down, making sure to lick the leftover barbecue sauce from their fingers and faces. Before I made a run for the drive-thru, I decided to try my hand at making a homemade variation of the exclusive rib patty. Read More…

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